Coarse table salt, net weight – 1 kg

Certified sea salt “Košersāls”



NaCl (salt) ≥ 99.8%

Sodium (Na) per 1 g of salt – max 0.4 g

Humidity (H2O) ≤ 0.1%

Magnesium (Mg) ≤ 0.03%

Calcium (Ca) < 0.06%

Insoluble parts < 0.01%


Salt for cooking Kosher food and everyday food



Term of validity: unlimited


Place of origin: “Zoutman Industries”, Regenbeekstraat 36, 8800 Rumbeke, Belgium


Distributor and packer: SIA “LSTK”,

Buļļu 47A, Riga, Latvia, LV-1067, phone/fax: 67063934, e-mail:,


What is Kosher salt?


Kosher salt is salt of natural origin.  Iodine, fluorine or vitamin supplements are not added to Kosher salt (unlike some types of table salt). Also, no anti-caking agent is added to this salt. The term Kosher salt comes from the way it is used, initially to make meat into Kosher-type meat. Blood was “removed” from the meat by pouring a thick layer of salt on the meat. Kosher product preparation guidelines were developed later.


What is Kosher certified salt?

It is a strictly specific term. Kosher certified salt is salt that has been certified by the respective religious organisation. A Kosher certificate is issued.


What is the structure of Kosher salt?

Kosher salt is usually crystalline or coarse salt. It is obtained from underground salt deposits or sea water. To obtain Kosher sea salt, it must be obtained naturally without the addition of chemicals during the production and evaporation process.


Products that meet the Kosher principles.

Kosher products are the ones that are made according to the rules of kashrut (dietary laws). Kosher salt is used in the pre-treatment of meat, preparation of meat, production of cheese, preparation of food in the kitchen, food preservation, and baking of bread.

Cooks believe that the best use of Kosher salt is saturating the food with it before cooking, by adding salt crystals by hand – taking the salt with fingers rather than pouring it with a spoon or from a shaker.






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