Salt is used in household conditions more commonly than we think. Here are just some of the examples:

For bread not to become moldy, salt must be placed next to the bread box; • To avoid condensation between window panes in winter, place a bowl of salt between the panes; • If the fire is about to go out in the hearth, throw a handful of salt in the fire to make the flames bigger; • You do not have to pour kerosene or petrol on wet firewood to make it burn faster – just sprinkle a small handful of coarse salt over it; • Broom bristles will break less often if soaked in hot salt water for two to three hours before use; • The shiny parts of wool clothing must be ironed through a cloth soaked with salt water; • For the best results, clean enamelled dishes with salt; • If silver spoons become dark, they can be cleaned with moistened salt; • To prevent fat from popping out of the pan, pour a little salt into the pan; • To quickly cool food on hot days, dissolve a handful of salt in a bowl with water and cool the dish with food there; • Boil salt water in a new enamelled dish, then the dish will serve longer; • When mixing flour, add some salt to the water to prevent flour lumps from forming; • To clean grease stains from the stove, pour salt on the stove and clean it with a newspaper.

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