Coarse kitchen salt. Rock salt. (degree of grinding “1”)



Sold for salting roads, water softening basins, it is referred to as technical or rock salt, indicating the degree of grinding and the amount of anti-caking substance.

Coarse salt is used in the manufacturing industry, road salting, boiler houses, and certain food industries.

Type of salt

Coarse salt is a natural white-grey, odourless crystalline substance that dissolves leaving deposits that consist of insoluble parts.  The maximum volume of insoluble parts in the final product is 0.1-0.4%.




Place of origin: State enterprise Artyomsol, Ukraine

First grade, degree of grinding “1”

NaCl (salt) max 97.7%

Na 39%

H2O < 0.25%


Anti-caking agent E535 < 10 mg/kg

*The full specification of chemical composition and quality declarations shall be provided together with the sales documents.


Description of origin

Rock salt or coarse salt is broken down, crushed, mechanically purified and prepackaged using mining methods.



Certificate of compliance

Latsert (LV)

Producer's Certificate of Origin (Ukraine)

Certificate of quality and safety (Ukraine)

Declaration of ecology (Ukraine)

Certificate of compliance (Ukraine)


Article: 1-50


50 kg polypropylene bags

Pieces in transport package:

1 piece

Pieces on a EUR-pallet:

1) 30 pieces x 50 kg 2) specially shaped pallets 20 pieces x 50 kg (if agreed in advance)

Net weight of a EUR-pallet:

1500 kg

Gross weight of a EUR-pallet:

1520 kg

Size of a EUR-pallet:

120 x 120 x 100 cm

Term of validity:





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